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If you have ever failed…

If you've ever had a tough time in gardening and need some advice.

Here is a place like that. Logical Garden is a blog that gathers gardening guides from proven and reliable sources.

No fussy, no difficulty. All are clear and easily accessible for you to read and practice anywhere, anytime.

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"Gardening is a work of entertainment. We just need to choose the seeds we like, sow them in the ground, water them and wait to enjoy the fruits." many people said.

I also thought so until my seeds died in the first garden.

I had to pay for it with money, sweat and a lot of work to realize that gardening needs more than "sowing, watering and enjoying the fruits."

And that was when Logical Garden was born.

This blog will give you useful tips & accurate techniques so you can start your garden and get more food from them. No superior knowledge, just correct, simple and most importantly, can be practiced immediately.

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About Me

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My name is...

Tim Smith

Logical Garden was founded by Tim, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in soil science and plant nutrition. 

After failing to find the right gardening process so many times, he finally got some success. Because of that, Logical Garden represents Tim to provide you with lessons and experiences he has learned along the way.

Since its launch, Logical Garden has been well-received by many people with its helpful knowledge, vivid images and especially everyone can practice immediately. Therefore, Logical Garden is a gardening blog worth visiting every day for you and for everyone.