The Go-To Guide On How To Grow Cucumbers

One of the easiest plants to grow and care, along with its numerous uses, whether as food or as a beauty product, the cucumber should be everybody's first choice when they decide to grow a home garden.

However, although they are a breeze to take care of, cucumber plants need a few requirements for them to thrive and bear good results. These requirements are a bit tricky to fulfill, if you live anywhere other than a tropical country.

Which is why we have derived a method to help you grow and harvest quality cucumbers with ease, no matter wherever you live.

I. preparation

1. choose where and when to plant.

tropical climate - how to grow cucumber -

Cucumber is a tropical plant, which means it needs hot weather and plenty of water. Growing it in warmer seasons is a must. Cucumber doesn't deal well with frost, so only plant it at least two weeks after the last frost date, when the temperature is well above 70 degree.

2. Prepare the plants and the soil.

There are surprisingly many types of cucumber available for purchase, so pick a variety that is most suitable for you. Consider these factors: Space, weather condition, usage (cooking, pickling or beauty), storage and many more.

There are two ways to plant cucumber: vining and bush. Vine types yield more per growing season, but bush types are better for small gardens.

cucumber varieties - how to grow cucumber -

For soil, cucumber needs warm, fertile earth with a pH of 6.0 to 6.8. It is recommended to add a layer of composted manure or regular compost and mulch on top to create an environment for the roots to develop. 

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If your area's temperature is cool, place a layer of straw on top of the soil to warm it, as well as keep slugs and beetles away.


Plant seedlings one inch deep, each is separated from another with 36 to 60 inches of soil, depending on the variety you plant to grow. The vine type cucumber grows very quick and require a lot of space, so you should maximize the space between them to ensure a proper harvest.

cucumber planting - how to grow cucumber -

A good way to plant cucumber is to start the seed indoor 3 weeks prior to growing it outside. Place the container on a heat mat and set the temperature to 70 degree. If you don't have one, place it on top of the fridge will do.

III. caring

Cucumber doesn't require a lot of care. Just remember to water them regularly and feed them proper fertilizer (preferably liquid fertilizer) and you're good. 

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However, be careful how you water the plant. Too much or too little will cause the produce to have inadequate size, or taste bad. And don't pour water directly on top of the plant, either, to prevent leaf diseases.

If you need a reliable way to measure soil moisture, refer to our 5 Best Moisture Meters For Plants – For More Effective Gardening article for reference.

IV. harvest and store

1. Harvesting.

Harvest the cucumbers when they're at appropriate size. Don't harvest them too late or they'll become bitter. They're best when the color is uniformly dark green and firm. 

harvest cucumber - how to grow cucumber -

On harvest season, they grow extremely quickly, so pick them every few days. To pick them, cut the stem with a knife instead of plucking to avoid damaging the plant.

2. Storing.

Wrap the cucumber loosely in plastic wraps and put them in the crisper if you are not going to use them immediately. They normally last for about a week or less even if stored properly.

If you want them to last longer, make pickles out of them.

pickles - how to grow cucumber -

Hope this article is of you to you when you decide to grow cucumbers. And why don't you grow them right now, these things are properly delicious, whether raw or pickled.

If there's any suggestion you'd like to make about our article, please let us know in the comment below.

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